The Top Three Industries That Employ Dental Hygienists

The employment of dental hygienists is expected to increase 9%. This section highlights information about where dental hygienists work and the most common industries that employ them. Most dental hygienists work for a private company, and the health care industry is the one that employs the most. The other two industries that employ dental hygienists are education and the profession.

Alaska and California pay dental hygienists significantly more than average, while the state of Washington, New Mexico and Maryland also pay fairly well. The average salary for dental hygienists varies widely in the United States, depending on where you live. If you're considering a career as a dental hygienist, all indicators suggest that this is a good career choice. You can find out how much dental hygienists earn in your area by browsing the map that breaks down the average salary of dental hygienists by state or select your state from the list below.

The table below illustrates the metropolitan areas and cities where dental hygienists earn the most, taking into account the cost-of-living adjustments for each of them. We've also created a graphic to show you the average size of companies that typically hire dental hygienists. To learn more about dental assistant programs, enter your zip code and request enrollment information. The table below compares the average salaries of dental hygienists with those for similar roles in health care.

We reviewed job offers to determine where in the country there is the highest demand for dental hygienists. If you're interested in becoming a dental hygienist and are motivated by earning potential, you might be interested in knowing which locations will provide you with the greatest earning opportunity. Hygienists who work in ambulatory care centers and as temporary workers for employment services also do well.

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